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Celtic Rainforest Project Work

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Celtic rain forests

A little background information…

Thanks to European and Welsh Government funding, this is the start of a new chapter for Wales’ Celtic rainforests which are currently in an unfavourable condition. Through the eradication of invasive alien plant species and the implementation of proactive management the aim is to bring these woodlands back to their former fertile state.

Celtic Rainforests, which are mainly found in the UK, are considered of European importance owing to their openstructure, and the mild and humid conditions within them that provide a perfect habitat for a wealth of vegetation.

The woodlands are currently in an unfavorable condition and are continuing to deteriorate. The spread of the Rhododendron ponticum is primarily responsible for the deterioration because it alters the soil condition, prevents sunlight from reaching the woodland floor, and outcompetes and suppresses the regeneration of native vegetation. Other factors that affect the woodlands are over or under grazing, lack of management and atmospheric nitrogen pollution.

The project’s main aim is to improve the habitat of lower plant assemblage such as mosses and liverworts within these woodlands by tackling the issue of invasive species, especially the Rhododendron ponticum, that threaten the conservation status of the woodlands. The project will also develop active management of the woodland including demonstrating active grazing and woodland restoration techniques which in turn will improve habitat condition, demonstrate best practice, increase resilience and enhance the woodlands’ ecosystem function.

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