Celtic Rainforest Education Resources


Celtic Rainforest Education Resources

What makes a Celtic Rainforest different to any other woodland in Wales?

Well ... in short ... rain!... oh and the fact that the woodland has been there for many many years of course.

This means that many special species (types of plant, animal and other organisms) that have adapted to this unique wet mild habitat have been able to survive.

So what's the long answer?

Well ... that can be as long as you have time to spend studying the Celtic Rainforest! Watching this video is a good start, but whilst exploring woodlands using the resources we will be sharing here over the next few weeks you will learn even more...

Why not get in touch with us by email or through our social media to let us know what you have discovered?


Video resource English upper level Open
Video resource English intermediate level Open
Video resource English easiest level Open
Video resource English basic level Open

Rain, rain, rain ...

How much does it rain in a Celtic rainforest?

Download this Key Stage 2 rainfall activity to find out!


Celtic Rainforest Rainfall KS2 Open

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